One Grappa, Two Grappa, Three Grappa, Floor

The title of this post came from my friend Liza’s Facebook status, which seemed like it could be the basis of a really bad children’s story…

One grappa, two grappa, three grappa, four
Will someone please help me up from the floor?

Five grappa, six grappa, seven grappa, eight
I’d better call work and say I’ll be late.

Nine grappa, ten grappa, eleven and twelve
Now the nice bartender needs to reshelve.

Thirteen grappa, fourteen, fifteen and more
It’s time to go back to the grappa store.

Sixteen grappa, seventeen, now I’ve lost count
Let’s just call it a reasonable amount.

Thank you for reading this enumeration.
Enjoy your grappa in moderation.

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Posted in Humor, Light Verse

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