The BP Oil Spill, Oversimplified

A collection of links about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, arranged alphabetically.

A is for animals like the sperm whale.
B is for blowout preventers that fail.
C’s for containment — how hard could it be?
D’s for dispersant poured into the sea.
E is for estimates no one can trust.
F is for fishermen who must adjust.
G is for Gulf coast, now spattered with oil.
H is for health effects on those who toil.
I is for instincts that tell fish to flee.
J is for journalists hired by BP.
K is for keeping up some credibility.
L is for limits that cap liability.
M is for media access restrictions.
N is for noticing some contradictions.
O is for oxygen levels too low.
P is for pelicans, weighed down and slow.
Q is for questions and answers and lies.
R is for rescuers heeding birds’ cries.
S is for species they’ve just now discovered.
T is for turtles, on fire or recovered.
U is for undersea cracks in cement.
V is for vacant hotel rooms for rent.
W is for wind, which can be good or ill.
X is for X-Prize to clean up the spill.
Y is for years til this mess goes away.
Z is for zigzagging forward each day.

I was originally going to find pictures to go with each line, but it turns out I’m too lazy for that (and also, apparently, to think of a link for Z).

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