When Memes Collide: Unfortunate Pairings from Catroulette

By now you’ve probably heard of Chatroulette, the website that pairs people up for anonymous online video chats with random strangers. Here are some screenshots from a similar but lesser-known service catering exclusively to cats.

1. The Cat in the Hat meets Limecat.
The Cat in the Hat meets Limecat in Catroulette / Chatroulette

2. Maru meets Schroedinger’s Cat.
Maru meets Schroedinger's cat in Catroulette / Chatroulette

3. Archy meets Keyboard Cat.
Archy meets Keyboard Cat in Catroulette / Chatroulette

I’m actually not the first person to think of the name “Catroulette” — it’s also the name of a cute site that collects images from (apparently) real Chatroulette sessions involving cats. But the best use of the name by far goes to this cat adoption site in Belgium.

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3 thoughts on “When Memes Collide: Unfortunate Pairings from Catroulette

  1. I tried to like this, but nothing is happening.

    Wait. That could be read TOTALLY the wrong way. I mean, the like button isn’t working for me. I totally loved this post though.

    1. LOL — I really did take that the wrong way at first.

      BTW, I don’t have the “show who likes this” option enabled — I decided my blog was looking a little cluttered, so now whenever I add something (like the shiny new share-type buttons) I try to remove something else.

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