Better Living Through Candy: Creative and Practical Uses For Halloween Leftovers

It’s the day after Halloween, and chances are you either have more leftover candy than you know what to do with or know someone who does. Traditionally, people in this position are advised to either eat the candy (but not all at once, and possibly chopped up and baked into another dessert or sprinkled over ice cream) or give it away (to coworkers or to charity). This year, why not try something different?

1. Feeling creative and playful? Create a kinetic art installation. Arrange your candies in a line, curve, or more complex design, with each piece standing upright. Then topple the first candy and watch the domino effect in action.

2. Feeling creative and power-hungry? Use candy to manipulate ant behavior. Lure ants to various locations (Halloween candy makes an ideal ant bait), and use time-lapse photography to record the resulting ant trails being created, used, and abandoned. Note: this project works best outdoors.

3. Need a new talent? Learn to juggle. Practicing with Halloween candy is a great way to learn to juggle small candy-shaped items.

4. Need to get your diet back on track? Make a healthful and delicious smoothie. Freeze your leftover candy, then put a few generous handfuls of it into the blender (don’t forget to unwrap the candies first). Throw in a banana, and you’ve got a great source of potassium.

5. Can’t remember where you parked your car? Don’t bother with expensive GPS-based solutions — simply leave a trail of candy behind you wherever you go.

6. Want to try your hand at architecture? Build a model house out of candy. Involve your friends — debate the relative merits of candy vs. gingerbread as construction materials. If you’re feeling really ambitious, build additional houses out of gingerbread and Lego blocks, and stage a production of The Three Little Pigs.

7. Wondering just how tall your home or office is? Here’s your chance to find out — all but one of the standard barometer-based methods for measuring building height work equally well with candy.

4 thoughts on “Better Living Through Candy: Creative and Practical Uses For Halloween Leftovers

  1. Oh this was awesome! One of your best posts :P I think you should follow your own suggestions though and show us the photos/videos of the resulting art installations etc ;)

    1. Thanks! The picture at the top is actually my own handiwork. I also have some pictures of structures I tried to build out of candy, but they didn’t turn out very well. I learned two lessons: wrapped Halloween candy is not a good building material, and letting your cats help you try to balance a Twizzler on top of a couple Tootsie Rolls can be counterproductive.

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