Unlikely Resolutions

My slightly-belated, blog-related New Year’s resolutions:

1. Post holiday-themed posts before the actual holidays they refer to.

2. Say “thank you” to anyone who’s taken the time to leave a comment here or to offer some other kind of encouragement — especially to anyone who’s come back more than once. Seriously, thanks.

3. Figure out whether I’m using the term “blog” correctly. I’ve been using “blog” to refer to the entire collection of posts, pages, etc., and “blog post” to refer to an individual post, but I’ve noticed that other people refer to individual posts as “blogs”. Also, I sometimes refer to individual posts here as “articles”, which may be a little pretentious. I should decide whether it is or not, and if so, stop doing it.

4. Do something to alleviate the crushing guilt I feel when I look at the search term stats for this blog and realize that almost everyone who gets here via a search engine was looking for something much more interesting and/or useful than what they found here.

I’ve already started on #4 — if you’re extremely observant, you may have noticed An Open Letter to Anyone Who Was Directed Here by a Search Engine in the menu at the top of the page.

4 thoughts on “Unlikely Resolutions

  1. I’ll pass on #1 (holidays seem to always arrive before I’m aware of them). I try and do #2 as well – if only to let the commenter know that I’ve actually read their comment. I’m with aquatom1968 on #3. I have the same feeling about #4 as you, although I’m not inclined to be as helpful as you were!

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