I needed a theme for this year’s Valentine, so I decided to turn to my blog’s search term stats for inspiration. I reviewed the list carefully and narrowed it down to these three:

so many flies all of a sudden
how decomposed would marilyn monroe be
cat happy valentines day

I decided to go with the cat one. You’re welcome.

The Unlikely Explanations cats would like to wish you a grudgingly happy Valentine's Day

Want to do something special for your cats on Valentine’s Day? Serve them a lovely homemade chicken and gravy dinner and give them a nice gift, like a CatSofa or a Squeaker 3000 Robotic Toy Mouse.

30 thoughts on “Valentine

  1. My cat decided to sit on my chest in bed whilst I read this on my phone, she was trying to knock it out of my hand. She’s never liked other cats but I didn’t realise it extended to me reading about them

    1. If she misses out on getting a special dinner and gift because she prevented you from reading the suggestions at the very end of the post, then she has only herself to blame.

  2. I’m pretty thrilled that you went with the cats over your other options. Whew! Besides, I like cats. My own 3 gave me a hairball for Valentines! They’re thoughtful like that.

    1. My cats don’t really do anything special for me on Valentine’s day, but they show their love by presenting me with hairballs throughout the year.

  3. I always have good intentions, but who can resist from eating the Squeaker 3000 Robotic Toy Mouse and playing with the Chicken and Gravy dinner before they ever make it to the cats?!
    Wait… that might have come out wrong.

    1. See, this is why you should always read the instruction manual. It says right there on page 32 that you’re not supposed to eat the Squeaker 3000.

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