Probably Not Covered Under Warranty

I love my Kindle. The display is easy to read. The case has a built-in light. And the power cord is, apparently, delicious.

It’s an e-reader and a chew toy.

My cat managed to do this last night without electrocuting himself. I need to remember to specify “no catnip, please” when buying electronics.

If you’re reading this on the 4th of July, why not check out my July 4th holiday post from last year?

30 thoughts on “Probably Not Covered Under Warranty

  1. Oh dear God. That’s. Well, that’s just amazing. And sorry. My cat Lucky used to love the taste of our upstairs phone cord. I had to buy TWO replacements until I mentioned it to someone at work, whose husband is a master electrician. She said they had a million of those cord protector thingies you wrap around any cord. It’s like a thin tub with a slit on one side. That spelled the end of Lucky’s cord snacking.

    Happy 4th!

    1. I found some spirally things on, so I’m going to try those. I suspect they’ll just take a little longer to chew through, though.

  2. That is a huge bummer. I remember when I had two cats and a dog, pretty much every cord in the house was a snack. One cat loved the taste of my phone cord especially. Strange thing is, I have no pets now but still sometimes find a frayed cord here and there. My kids must need more fiber in their diet.

  3. Ah yes. I had a parrot who also chewed through electrical cords without electrocuting herself. Is this some special animal power that we don’t have?

    I also had a dog once who, on the same day, chewed through both the outside cable line and the phone line. (When I picked up the phone to call the cable company, I discovered I had no phone service either.)

    1. Once, about 20 years ago, I was talking on the phone, and the conversation stopped abruptly when the cat I had at the time chewed through the phone cord.

  4. This is probably a calculated act of revenge. You’re spending much too much time paying attention to your Kindle, and not nearly enough time paying attention to your cat.

    1. Or perhaps he’s upset because, when I’m reading from my Kindle, I’m not letting him sleep on it.

    1. Hiding objects behind stuff just makes them more attractive to Thunder. One of his favorite games is “chase the toy that’s just been thrown outside of the cat’s line of sight”.

    1. The book I’m currently reading on my Kindle (1Q84) is really long, so maybe he thinks it will take up too much of my time.

    1. It was plugged in, but somehow my cat managed to escape any harm. It’s a usb connection, which is relatively low-voltage, but I don’t really know how much damage it could have potentially done.

  5. So I just realized as I was commenting on your comment to my blog that I haven’t seen YOUR blog lately. I have re-email subscribed.

    I am stunned to say that neither Oli nor Obi chews on electrical stuff. Though Obi likes to chew on the desk fan. And Oli thinks the drill makes an excellent chin scratcher.

    1. Thanks for coming back! Your subscription probably got lost when I moved my blog.

      Thunder will chew on anything plastic. I have to make due with ineffective cloth shower curtains because of him.

  6. The only cat I had didn’t like plastic. Unfortunately, she did love the fibers in the carpet so that there are little bald spots in the rug. I would like to see how a taste bud chart for a cat’s tongue would read.

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