Look! Over There!

I have a guest post at Blurt today — go check it out! Blurt has been running guest posts all week, so the last few posts there are like a Whitman’s Sampler of blogs.

In other exciting news, this blog now has a sad, lonely Facebook page of its own. If you “like” it, you’ll make it less sad and lonely, and you’ll also get blog updates via Facebook. And if you’ve ever wondered what I’m reading when I’m not reading blogs, you can find out at Goodreads (although I just joined a couple days ago, so it looks like I’ve only read three books in my entire life).

Posted in Humor
5 comments on “Look! Over There!
  1. TWO buttons to click?! I’m like a confused monkey!

  2. Don’t let anyone tell you three books isn’t a good start. You have to start somewhere.

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