Dear Present-Day Boston,

I’ve been thinking about you a lot today, even though I don’t really know you — I have fond memories of 1979-1983 Boston, but I haven’t been back in years, or maybe decades. There are probably a lot of people like me, who lived with (or across the river from) previous versions of you and were transformed from clueless teenagers into slightly less clueless adults. I loved the time I spent with you, and I just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you, and I hope you’re okay.

9 thoughts on “Boston

  1. Well said. I met Boston in 2004. What a polite & friendly little city he was then. I’m sure he’s (she’s?) pretty much the same only bigger (in a muscular way, not flabby). I am quite convinced that this time next year, we’ll be amazed at how resilient & positive he is when the next group of racers come to finish what they started.

  2. Walked that patriot tourist trail….no doubt whining the entire way….have never forgotten that fresh cow head hanging in a market shop….and those cobbled streets ouching my toe.
    Boston, you’ve shown the face of determination and toughness before – we are with you.

    1. The thing I love about that trail is that, along with all the historic sites, it takes you through some really interesting present-day neighborhoods.

  3. My mom and aunt are there now – my aunt was running and my mom was at the finish line – and they like the city just fine. They had time on Sunday to enjoy it before the drama. And people have been so nice during and after the event. All and all, I think they’ll leave with a positive impression of the city.

  4. I hit the like button to show solidarity, then thought it signified I “liked” what went on in Boston. What a terrible, terrible thing it is that people could do something like that to other human beings.

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