Valentine (2014)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
My library books
Are all overdue.

Roses are red
Violets are too
Rose-colored glasses
Are what I see through.

Roses are red
Goulash is stew
Have a nice meal
And don’t get the flu.

Roses are red
Some cheese is bleu
But not the kind
That’s good in fondue.

Roses are red
Kittens say “mew”
My cats are cuter
Than your kangaroo.


53 thoughts on “Valentine (2014)

  1. I believe you’re allowed an extension on those due dates when your kittens are cuter than kangaroos. If that’s not a rule, it should be. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. What I said before
      Was awfully terse
      I should have expressed it
      As some kind of verse.

      To you and your dog
      Happy Valentine’s day
      I hope you find time
      To go out and play.

  2. Oh no… You know I can’t resist the siren song of the “roses are red” form of poetry. And a fondue reference, too. It’s not fair.

      1. I thought you’d never ask!

        Roses are red,
        kitties are nice.
        They curl up on my lap
        and “take care of” mice.

        Roses are red,
        mice are fun toys.
        They like to play chase,
        and make a great noise!

        Roses are red,
        violets are blue
        Mice and potatoes,
        my favorite fondue… mmm.

  3. Laura,

    Roses are red
    Daisies are yellow
    I’ve never heard of a cat
    Who could play the cello.

    Roses are red
    Bet your cats can’t cook
    Or deliver mail
    Or read a book!
    (overdue or otherwise…)

    Now if you had a DOG
    Like my beautiful Rosie
    You and your cats
    Would REALLY be cozy.

    She’d be happy to lick you
    And lie on your couch
    While she thought up more tricks
    ‘Cause Rosie’s no slouch.

    If off you should wander
    And leave her behind
    She’d not let you stray!.
    She’d harness her mind

    To go after you pronto.
    For her fanciest trait
    Is to flick up her nose
    And flip open her gate!


    I get that your cats
    Are YOUR Valentine
    But I’m here to proclaim
    That ROSIE is mine.

  4. The roses are dead
    The violets are too
    My dogs and my cats
    Have so much to do

    They lift up my spirits
    And cause me such glee
    We all dance around
    And drink our green tea

    1. Those toys are such fun
      We cannot resist
      So come to our house
      And play us some Liszt

      Sure we’ll eat up your toys
      As you play us some tunes
      But we’ll bake you some tuna
      And blow up balloons

  5. The question before us
    at this present here time,
    is how can we gently
    cease talking in rhyme?

    It’s almost addictive,
    to play with the verse.
    You’ve given us both
    a blessing and curse.

    Some parties among us,
    stay up until three,
    while about ten o’clock
    is the limit for me.

    Upon my awake,
    I will eagerly look
    at this blog to find out
    if there is a whole book.

      1. But what’s it all mean,
        This rhyme with no reason?
        Just a piece of pure fun,
        During the rainy season.

        Oh yeah, Valentine’s Day.
        It’s almost behind us.
        I really must say,
        I don’t at all mind it.

        At least for tonight,
        I’m signing off now.
        You’ve made something fun.
        So please take a bow.

  6. Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    Cupid is that you,
    Oh I thought its you,

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Cupid, If that ain’t you,
    Then who are you?

  7. I might have to steal
    Your library rhyme
    To use at my job
    It’d be so sublime.

    (Seriously, that’d been perfect yesterday, only switching it from “my” to “your.”)

  8. Roses are red.
    Where is the blogger?
    Two months is too long
    to go without… Frogger?

    See what I mean?
    My mind has gone stale.
    Such a poor, sorry rhyme.
    My expression did fail.

    What I’m trying to say,
    to the Keep of the Blog,
    In a roundabout way,
    is to push through the clog,

    and write a new post.
    I need it, you see.
    Your humor and wit
    Are not lost on me.

    So sharpen your pen,
    or uncap your mouse
    Whatever it takes
    And I’ll cease to grouse.

    1. Thanks for the nudge
      And such a nice rhyme.
      You’re right that two months
      Is way too much time.

      So I’ll put an end
      To all these delays
      And write a new post
      Within seven days.

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