What I Did, Writing-Wise, in 2018

New Stories Published in 2018

“So, One of Those Tiny Alien Spaceships Has Flown Into Your House. Now What?” at Nature, November 2018.

A tiny alien spaceship blasting a champagne glass with an energy cannon.
Illustration by Jacey at Nature

“Bar Scenes with Time and Entropy” in text and audio (read by Alethea Kontis) at Intergalactic Medicine Show, August 2018 (paywalled).

Photo by Thao Le Hoang on Unsplash

“The Shadow Over My Dorm Room”, in The Cackle of Cthulhu, Baen, January 2018. Also available free to read online at Curious Fictions.

Reprints, Narrations, and Editorial Work

“Some Things I Probably Should Have Mentioned Earlier” (originally published in Mothership Zeta in 2016) appeared in Flame Tree Press’s Alien Invasion anthology.

I narrated “Some Things I Probably Should Have Mentioned Earlier” at a live Escape Pod event at WorldCon in August, 2018. The story was podcast in October.

I hosted an Escape Pod episode in March, 2018; this was part of Artemis Rising 4, which I co-edited with S. Kay Nash

Kay and I co-edited Escape Pod’s Artemis Rising 5.

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