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Blog-hopping cats

Today my cats are featured on J. Kathleen Cheney’s blog. They had no confetti to throw, but that didn’t stop them from celebrating their newfound fame.

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My Cats Are So Helpful

This week I came down with Three-Day Killer Death Flu. I also had a high-pressure deadline at work, so my cats didn’t get as much attention as they’re used to. Fortunately, instead of complaining, they decided to help out around

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BREAKING NEWS: I’ve Chosen a Name For My Cat

A couple weeks ago, I asked for cat name ideas and got some really good suggestions. In the end, though, I decided to base my new kitten’s name on two of her most prominent personality traits: She spends a lot

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You Probably Don’t Want to Read My Depressing Cat Blog

I’ve started a second blog called My Depressing Cat Blog for posts about my cat Holly, who’s just been diagnosed with lung cancer, because depressing posts about my sick cat don’t really fit the theme of this blog.

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When Memes Collide: Unfortunate Pairings from Catroulette

By now you’ve probably heard of Chatroulette, the website that pairs people up for anonymous online video chats with random strangers. Here are some screenshots from a similar but lesser-known service catering exclusively to cats.

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Dear Cat-Hater Haters: Please Stop. You’re Not Helping.

This is a departure from what I usually post here. The tagline for this blog is “please don’t take anything you read here seriously”, but I hope people actually will take this seriously. I’m a cat person. I have two

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Video Review: Vinay and Maru Prove that P ≠ NP

P vs. NP is one of the most famous unsolved problems in math. Recently, mathematician Vinay Deolalikar circulated a paper that contained a possible solution to that problem. There’s been lots of discussion on the Internet about this paper; surprisingly,

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Sofa, Cat Toy, or Work of Art? The CatSofa is All Three

Thank you for your interest in CatSofa, the world’s only claw-friendly living room furniture. How It Works The CatSofa is an upholstered sofa with a twist — instead of a single layer of upholstery, the CatSofa features twelve layers of

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