Sugar Plum Awareness

December is Sugar Plum Awareness Month. In the meantime, here are some sugar plum facts:

  1. Sugar plums are the most popular of all the flavored plum confections, surpassing vinegar plums, anchovy plums, and even wasabi plums.
  2. Sugar plums can be fairies, and they really like to dance. (Thanks, alonewithcats).
  3. One version of the Beatles song “A Day in the Life” begins with the words “Sugar Plum Fairy”. (Thanks to Nurse Myra from Gimcrack Hospital, which is often NSFW)
  4. A sugar plum dropped from the Empire State Building would hit the ground in about 9 seconds.
  5. “Mural pugs” is an anagram of “sugar plum”.
  6. “Pug morals” is not an anagram of “sugar plum”.
  7. The Sugar Plum Fairy once visited Alton Brown in an uncharacteristically annoying Good Eats segment.
  8. A sugar plum by any other name would taste as sweet.
  9. In the game of Twenty Questions, sugar plums are categorized as “vegetable”.
  10. In The Nutcracker, the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy is traditionally played by a ballerina, not an actual sugar plum.

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