Frequently Asked Questions About My Coffee Plant

coffee plant

coffee plant
Q: What kind of plant is that?
A: It’s a coffee plant.

Q: Are the leaves supposed to be half-brown like that?
A: I don’t know. I’ve been meaning to look that up.

Q: How often do you water it?
A: Sometimes.

Q: Can you be more specific?
A: Oh, sorry. I thought that was one of those “always / sometimes / never” questions.

Q: Seriously, how many days a week do you water your coffee plant?
A: Stop nagging! I’ll get to it!

Q: Why did you choose to plant it in that particular spot?
A: I took a scientific approach. First, I narrowed it down to an outdoor location based on the fact that I have indoor cats, and coffee plants are toxic to cats. Then I decided to plant it in the ground rather than, say, the roof, because I read somewhere once that plants grow better in dirt.
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